In what It is Including, Imogen is with Becky in the classroom

In what It is Including, Imogen is with Becky in the classroom

Imogen, Becky, and you may Jack are doing their endeavor, and when Imogen renders, Jack says to Becky that she would query Imogen to new semi-specialized

They discuss partial-official and Imogen says that they will go shopping the following go out. Becky many thanks the lady for being a great pal. Then, Jack involves classification and you will the woman is being delivered from the Mr. Perino. He asks or no group features space to possess Jack and you can Imogen volunteers. Jack joins her or him and you will she strikes it off that have Imogen. Imogen up coming asks Jack if the she really wants to meet just after college.

Prior to Heaven ways to Received, Imogen says “AHOOGA!

From the Baker’s family, Imogen and you may Jack speak about songs and you may Becky isn’t on it. Following, both change the subject to gallery showcases and you can Jack comes with one to she watched included in this together ex boyfriend-girlfriend inside the Berlin. Whenever she becomes a text, Jack states you to she has to take a date that have their mom. She and asks Imogen if the she really wants to go out the brand new overnight, and she agrees without a doubt. Becky reminds the lady towards shopping these people were probably create, very Imogen asks Jack ahead with each other. Jack agrees and you will leaves. Imogen up coming asks Becky in the event the this woman is mad, however, Becky gleeden price responds that “the greater the new merrier.”

After, Imogen are once more seen that have Becky and you will Jack from the Baker’s household. Becky will bring snacks and you will says to Jack to wash their give first. Whenever she makes, Imogen claims one to she should tidy this lady hand also, however, Becky ends the girl. She following requires Imogen with the semi-formal. Imogen welcomes the new invite and you can states that they is to invite Jack also. Becky reacts one she would like to spend nights just with Imogen meet up with their even more intimately. Imogen was astonished and you will says that she failed to discover Becky felt like that, and you can Becky responds you to definitely Imogen is the most important member of their lifestyle today. Imogen says that it is a date, right after which Jack return in the bathroom.

For the Next to Me personally, Becky will get jealous when Jack labels along towards moving with her and you may Imogen, ruining the women’s evening. Becky says to the woman that she’s using Imogen, however, Jack issues the girl preference ladies. Within partial-official, Becky and you can Imogen was dancing in order to a fast-defeat track, when unexpectedly a much slower song occurs. Becky says to Imogen one she’s never sluggish-danced that have another woman, and you may Imogen shows the girl how to. Becky knows that she cannot dance with women and you can Imogen is thankful as the she need them to sit family relations. After, Becky fits up with Jack and you can tells the lady one she will be able to go moving which have Imogen, since they’re just family relations. 

In the Things are What you, Imogen is visible reading the fresh new conversation ranging from Drew and Clare you to Heaven enjoys coping with children and you will she reacts as if you. “

For the Enjoy the Quiet, Imogen can be seen taking walks for the class which have Clare and you may Jack. Following she is present in an area where the woman is sitting and you can enjoying Received getting lay thought of.

In how Unconventional, when you are implementing a job with her, Becky confesses so you can Imogen that ever since she confessed about Luke, she seems one this lady parents dislike the woman. Imogen implies that she should try to talk to them and that everybody is really worth to own the side of the facts read. Afterwards, Imogen finds Becky, which shows things are however bad ranging from their family. She tells Imogen you to definitely this lady has a date, and you may demonstrates to you you to definitely she’s got already been to relax and play Field of Doom recently. Imogen requires Becky to guarantee is safe.

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